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We offer a range of professional services and educational opportunities to creative entrepreneurs who prefer to focus on their vision while outsourcing marketing, business management and content production.

The Four P’s of Thankless Production LLC

Project Management

Want to outsource your creative project management?

Project Consultations

Want to pick my brain and help fill in the gaps on your idea?

Paid to Produce Course

Need help creating content that generates leads?



Need a producer for your film/video project?  

Meet Vondell 

  • Chief Inspirer

  • Imposter Syndrome Survivor 

  • Thankless Producer

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I help aspiring and full-time creative ENTREPRENEURS who may be allowing IMPOSTER SYNDROME and the ILLUSION OF TIME to keep them from launching learn how to LAUNCH.



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Here's a list of some of my most valuable resources. Check out my creative entrepreneur cheat sheet below!

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Pro Rate Builder 

Need Help Setting Your Rates?


Download my FREE rate builder and start operating like the business you are!

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