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Past and Present Clients


The Creative Collective NYC

I started as an intern for the CCNYC and ultimately was brought on as a production manager for the Creative Curriculum. Since then I've been contracted as a consultant on agency work.


RTS Vision

Our relationship started in 2017 when I was brought on to executive produce Taste of The Mecca. Since then, I've managed/executed several screenings of the film and most recently served as show runner for the first episode of The Mecca.

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Mecca Made MGMT

This partnership is one of the oldest dating back to 2012 when I met the founder at Howard University. We've partnered on several projects spanning many cities including listening parties, video shoots and more.



I co-founded TORCH in 2017 while in NYC. TORCH is an organization with the mission to cultivate a generation of creators. Through TORCH, I lead in the development of TORCH Presents and the organization has since gone on to live out it's mission in Houston and Atlanta with plans to expand.

Clients: Clients
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