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Why "Thankless Pro."?: Welcome

There's duality to the name…

Production can be a thankless job.

The business behind the arts is not for the faint of heart, but those of us with a passion for it roll up our sleeves without a need for thanks.


Whether you’re an artist or a creative entrepreneur, a Thankless Pro has a passion for their craft and a skill set to execute it.

Why "Thankless Pro."?: About Me
Why "Thankless Pro."?: About

My vision is to build a community.


The Thankless Pro. community is for multi-hyphenate creative entrepreneurs whose superpower is connecting the left and right brain in service to others. Maybe you are the go-to person for planning events and productions, or you are the first person called to help strategize and problem-solve. A Thankless Pro. lends their God-given talents to bring other people’s creative vision to life. 


We thrive off of ambiguity and love being trusted to fill in the gaps.


Working with an amazing crew is one of the best parts about being a producer. Thankless Production is dedicated to CREWS:

  • Community: Creating opportunity for collaborative projects and networking

  • Resources: Knowledge sharing and resource creation 

  • Encouragement: Thanking the unsung heroes that often go overlooked 

  • Wellness: Mental health resources and reminders for self-care 

  • Services: 

    • Production: Film/Video (virtual/live) 

    • Project Management: Creative Project and Event Management (virtual/live)

    • Promotion: Marketing Strategy and Brand

If you’re interested in working together, book a discovery call by clicking here

Our Thankless Pro. 


Vondell received a marketing degree from Howard University.


She is a multi-hyphenate creative from Belleville, Illinois who loves creative writing and moderating conversations. She is passionate about cultivating creators and loves inspiring people to tap into their fullest potential.

Prior to freelancing, she spent her time creating content, producing videos, and managing projects and vendors for Goldman Sachs' strategy and brand team. Her team redefined GS’ global employer brand and employee value proposition through the Make Things Possible campaign. She managed the production of video and written content that brought employees’ personal stories to life.

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